Satoria Group Manufacturing Sector currently consists of two distinct divisions: pharmaceutical (Satoria Pharma) & food ingredients (Satoria Agro) respectively, both of which were founded in 2013. By 2017, our pharmaceutical division aims to concentrate in producing both large and small volume parentherals (IV fluids & ampoules) with production capacity reaching 40 million bottles per year to fulfill our local demands.

However, we aim to eventually to export these products to other countries as well as start another production line aiming to produce a variety of vitamins and liquid medicines in the near future. Our food ingredients division, on the other hand, will be focusing on the development of various liquid sweeteners (eg. Glucose, Dextrose, Fructose) as well as the production of non dairy creamers and its foamer cappuccino variants, all of which are readily consumable in your day to day beverages.

With production capacity of 40,000 tons sweetener, 12,000 tons creamer and 1000 tons foamer cappuccino respectively, we will be ready to launch our products by end of 2016. Both divisions’ 10Ha pilot plants are all located at Purwosari, Pasuruan in East Java Province, Indonesia, one of the most strategic industrial locations in East Java and boasts one of the best natural spring water resource, a critical raw material for our products.  With a solid core team members derived from various ethnicities and diversified backgrounds, we aim to become a global icon and be the industry leader in these two manufacturing divisions.

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