SATORIA GROUP is a company that strives to be a GLOBAL ICON in the Hospitality, Property, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Trading and Services Sectors.

Our Property portfolio includes: homes, malls, industrial estates and mixed development buildings. Our development spreads across numerous prime cities in Indonesia, and continues to expand its wings throughout the country.

Mr. Alim Satria, the Chairman of SATORIA GROUP - a very seasoned developer, entrepreneur and industrialist in the company he previously led - is a visionary, vivacious and an inspiring figure.

He was one of the Co-Owner & Managing Director of Maspion Group from 1976 – 2013, where he pioneered and led key stone companies and projects including jetty operator (PT. Siam Maspion Terminal), LPG storage tank (PT. Maspion Energy Miratama), Maspion Square Mall, Singapore National Academy International School, PT. Alumindo, TBK. Mr. Alim Satria is also shareholder and President Director of Trillium Office and Residence. Trillium Office and Residence received “2014 Green Building Awareness Award” from City Governor and was featured in the 2015 Surabaya City Video Profile.

Under his leadership, together with a strong team of leaders and employees on board, SATORIA GROUP is soon to set foot in different parts of the world.


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